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This is an event emitted by Lektor for plugins to hook. The following plugins hook this event. Take a look at their source code to see how they work!

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(*) Asterisks denote official plugins.

  • * atom: Lektor plugin that generates Atom feeds.
  • * disqus-comments: Embed Disqus comments into your website.
  • * markdown-highlighter: Lektor plugin that adds syntax highlighting for markdown blocks with Pygments.
  • * tags: Lektor plugin to add tags.
  • ---
  • asciidoc: Adds AsciiDoc field type to Lektor.
  • asciidoctor: Adds AsciiDoc field type to Lektor.
  • bibtex-support: Bibtex file support to easily include publication lists.
  • citation: This Plugin should extend lektor with APA-styled citations using bibtex files. It was based on the known lektor-bibtex-support plugin by arunpersaud.
  • creative-commons: Lektor plugin to add Creative Commons license to your pages
  • expression-type: Add jinja-evaluated types to Lektor
  • git-timestamp: Lektor type to deduce page modification time from git
  • google-analytics: Adds support for Google analytics to Lektor CMS
  • google-search: Lektor plugin to add google seach to a website
  • hal: Fetches publications from HAL
  • i18n: Use GetText .PO files to translate your site content.
  • index-pages: Lektor plugin to generate blog-like index pages
  • limit-dependencies: Lektor plugin to limit dependencies created by queries
  • markdown-excerpt: Adds filter for Markdown body excerpt.
  • minify: Minify build artifacts during the Lektor build process
  • natural-language: Adds NLTK based template filters.
  • netlify: Allows you to publish your lektor website to netlify easily.
  • polymorphic-type: Add polymorphic field type to Lektor
  • pythonmarkdown: Add pythonmarkdownn field type to Lektor to make use of python-markdown as a renderer.
  • qiniu: Publish to Qiniu Cloud buckets and refresh the CDN cache.
  • read-full-post: Allows blog listing posts to be shortened with a link to the full post.
  • root-relative-path: Root relative path plugin for Lektor
  • rst: Adds reStructuredText support to Lektor.
  • s3: Publish to S3 buckets and Cloudfront.
  • shortcodes: Allows you to use shortcodes (something like tags) in your model fields.
  • slugify: Lektor plugin that adds a slugify Jinja filter.
  • strip-html-tags: Strip HTML tags, effectively turning HTML into plain text.
  • surge: Lektor plugin to publish your site to surge.sh
  • tawk: Embed Tawk Live Chat into your website.
  • yandex-metrica: Adds support for Yandex Metrica to Lektor CMS

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