Plugin – lektor-bibtex-support 0.1.1

Bibtex file support to easily include publication lists.

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Version: 0.1.1

Author: Arun Persaud


Jinja globals, LaTeX, and setup-env

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Project Description

Lektor Bibtex Plugin

The plugin allows adding a list of publications generated from bibtex files to a page.

Enabling the plugin

To enable the plugin add this to your project file:

lektor-bibtex-support = 0.1


Create a file configs/bibtex-support.ini with a section called Bibtex. Define a variable files that is a white space separated list of bibtex files. Put these files into the assets directory of your project.

files = A.bib B.bib

Optionally you can also create a template file that should leave in the template directory to render the bibtex entries. If you skip this entry a default template will be used that sorts the entries by year.


You can add the the publication anywhere in your jinja template by calling

{{ list_publications(name=name, tag=tag, year=year, labels=labels, fname=fname)|safe }}

The arguments are optional and can be used for filtering.

By name: the name has to show up in the author list to be included

by year: only publications from this year

labels: white space separated list of bibtex labels (the name of each entry in the bibtex file)

fname: white space separated list files to search (by default all files will be searched)


For the default template, you can also add the following javascript to show some entries if you have a long list (relies on jquery):

	      $(".BIBTeXtoggle").click( function () {
		  return false;
	      $(".BIBYearheader").click( function () {
		  return false;
	      $(".bibshowall").click( function () {
	      $(".bibhideall").click( function () {