Plugin – lektor-root-relative-path 0.2.1

Root relative path plugin for Lektor

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Version: 0.2.1

Author: Atsushi Suga


Jinja filters, navigation, and setup-env

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Project Description

Lektor root-relative-path plugin

This plugin returns root-relative-path list from top page to current page as below.

[(toppage_url, toppage_name), ...(parent_url, parent_name), (url, name)]


Add lektor-root-relative-path to your project from the command line:

lektor plugins add lektor-root-relative-path

See the Lektor documentation for more instructions on installing plugins.


Set these option in configs/root-relative-path.ini:


Optional. Name of top page inidicated in the navication. Default is 'Top Page'

navi_top_page_name = 'Top Page'

How to use

Insert the following line in the template (e.g. layout.html) which you would like to show navigation.

{% for i in this._path | root_relative_path_list %}
  >><a href="{{i[0]}}">{{i[1]}}</a>
{% endfor %}

Then, navigation is shown as below in case the page 'blog/first-post/'

>>Top Page >>blog >>first-post

If you do not want to show current page in the navigation, modify template as below.

{% for i in this._path | root_relative_path_list %}
  {% if not loop.last %}
    >><a href="{{i[0]}}">{{i[1]}}</a>
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Then, navigation is shown as below.

>>Top Page >>blog