Plugin – lektor-tawk 0.1

Embed Tawk Live Chat into your website.

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Version: 0.1

Author: Fabio Oliveira


setup-env, tawk, templates, and website

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Project Description

# Lektor Tawk

This plugin adds support for Tawk to Lektor. Once the plugin is enabled a render_tawk function will render a Tawk Live Chat.

## Enabling the Plugin

To enable the plugin add this to your project file:

$ lektor plugins add lektor-tawk

## Configuring the Plugin

The plugin has a config file that is needed to inform it about your website. Just create a file named tawk.ini into your configs/ folder and configure the live_chat_code key with the ID if your Tawk:

live_chat_code = your_live_chat_code

## In Templates

Now you can render to any of your templates by just using the render_tawk function. Just calling it is enough to get the live chat:

<div>{{ render_tawk }}</div>