Plugin – lektor-google-analytics 0.1.3

Adds support for Google analytics to Lektor CMS

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Version: 0.1.3

Author: Khaled Monsoor


analytics, Google Analytics, Jinja globals, and setup-env

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Project Description

This plugin adds support for Google analytics to Lektor CMS.

Once the plugin is enabled, a generate_google_analytics() function is available to be included in target template which automatically include Google-Analytics code in final HTML files rendered by Lektor.

Basic Usage

Enabling the Plugin

To enable the plugin add this to your project file:

lektor-google-analytics = 0.1

Configuring the Plugin

The plugin needs a config file with your Google analytics code in it.

Just create a file named google-analytics.ini into ./configs folder in your Lektor project’s base directory. And, put the GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ID key with target property ID of form UA-XXXXXXXX-Y which you obtained from:


Using in Templates

Now you can add a Google analytics code-snippet in your templates by just calling the generate_google_analytics function inside its <body> </body> tags.

<div class="ga-script">{{ generate_google_analytics() }}</div>

That’s it. All the HTML files that rendered from that template will include Google-Analytics code automatically.


You can use GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_PROPERTY property to include your

custom-built Google Analytics tracking code. In that case, your ./configs/google-analytics.ini will look like this:


Don’t use this property unless you know what are you doing. By default, it is set to auto.

To go deeper than this, please refer to Google-Analytics documentation.

Copyright (c) 2015, Khaled Monsoor

All rights reserved.

Licensed under BSD license.