Lektor is an Open Source Project and freely available to download. It's currently still under heavy development and not all platforms are equally well supported, although closer to it.

Command Line Interface

You can install the command line version of Lektor by copy/pasting a command into your terminal.

Scared about copy/pasting this into a terminal? We now use standard tools to install lektor. pipx is the recommended method to install standalone command line interface python packages as recommended by PyPA.

First Install PipX

Let's first install pipx.


sudo apt install python3-pip python3-venv
python3 -m pip install --user pipx
python3 -m pipx ensurepath


brew install pipx
pipx ensurepath


python -m pip install --user pipx
python -m pipx ensurepath

For more information on pipx installation go to

Let's install Lektor now

Close and reopen terminal (Powershell or cmd on Windows), then install lektor:

pipx install lektor

You might need additional dependencies for this installation. For more information see Installation.