Plugin – lektor-google-search 0.1

Lektor plugin to add google seach to a website

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Version: 0.1

Author: Lissan Zahid


google search, Jinja globals, search, search engine, and setup-env

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Project Description


This plugin add support for Google Search to Lektor CMS

Once the plugin is enabled, a render_google_search() function is available to be included in a taget template which autoatically include Google-Search code in final HTML fles rendered by Lektor.

How to Use the plugin ?

Enable the plugin

To enable the plugin, add the following to your .lektorproject file:

lektor-google-search = 0.1

Configure the plugin

The plugin needs a config file with your search Engine ID code in it

  • Create a file named google-serch.ini into ./configs folder in your lektor project's base directory.
  • Put the SEARCH_ENGINE_ID key with the value of your serch engine ID.
SEARCH_ENGINE_ID = 83892839209432084

Usage in template

Add Google Search code snippet by calling the function render_google_search() in the template of your preference where you want the search box to appear.

<div>{{ render_googe_search() }}</div>

Now, try to run lektor server to see the google search appear.