Plugin – lektor-strip-html-tags 0.3.1

Strip HTML tags, effectively turning HTML into plain text.

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Version: 0.3.1

Author: Terminal Labs


HTML, Jinja filters, and setup-env

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Project Description


This is a simple Lektor plugin that creates a template filter to remove HTML tags from a string. The use it was created for was to do processing on HTML outputted from a Markdown content field. The Markdown is rendered into HTML, and this filter can turn that into simple text, which was then passed to the lektor-natural-language filters to get keywords, unsullied by things like <div> tags.

Example usage:

{{ this.body|striphtmltags }}

{% set var = '<p><strong>Hello</strong>World!</p>' %}
{{ var|striphtmltags }}

The last example will render as "Hello World!"