This property gives access to some of the EXIF information that might be embedded in the picture. Not all pictures might contain that information and some information might be unavailable. In those cases the attribute will be null.

In addition the to_dict() method can be used to convert the EXIF data into a dictionary that can be dumped to JSON for instance.

Field Description
artist The name of the photographer
copyright The embedded copyright message
created_at The timestamp of the image
camera Combined name of the camera make and model
camera_make The name of the camera manufacturer
camera_model The name of the camera model
lens Combined name of the lens make and model
lens_make The name of the lens manufacturer
lens_model The name of the lens model
aperture The aperture value as a floating point number
f_num The F-number as an actual number
f The f-number as a string (ƒ/2.2 for instance)
iso The ISO speed as an integer
exposure_time The exposure time as a string
shutter_speed The shutter speed as a string
focal_length The focal length as a string
focal_length_35mm The focal length as a string in the 35mm equivalent
flash_info Information text about the flash usage
location Longitude and latitude as a floating point tuple.
latitude The longitude as a floating point value.
longitude The longitude as a floating point value.
altitude The altitude in meters as a floating point value.
documentname The image document name as a string.
description The image description as a string.


{% if image.exif.location %}
  <h2>Picture Location</h2>
  <iframe width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" style="border:0"
    (image.exif.latitude ~ ', ' ~
     image.exif.longitude)|urlencode }}&key=..."
{% endif %}