Lektor theme support is new. It should be considered unstable and could change in the future.

New in Lektor Version 3.1: Themes did not exist in earlier Lektor versions.

Lektor provides a themes system to easily implement, reuse, and distribute themes. This allows you to use assets, templates, models, and / or flowblocks built into the theme. Themes are created by the Lektor community.

Lektor themes work like an extension of the project, allowing you to easily adopt features of the theme such as styles, models, or templates. In all, themes can provide:

  • templates
  • models
  • flowblocks
  • assets

Themes can provide all of these as defaults which can be overridden or extended by your project. For instance, if a theme provides a root page.html template, you can create other templates that {% extends "page.html" %}, or you could override the theme's page.html by providing your own in your project's normal templates/ directory.