dateformat (date, format='medium', locale=None)

To format a proper date (this is created by the date type) into a string this filter can be used. It will automatically format based on the language used by the current context which is based on the locale of the current alt.

A different language can be provided with the locale parameter.

The following formats are locale specific:

Format How it Looks
full Saturday, December 5, 2015
long December 5, 2015
medium Dec 5, 2015
short 12/5/15

In addition to that format codes from the CLDR project can be used. For more information see CLDR Date/Time Symbols.


<p>Date: {{ this.pub_date|dateformat('full') }}

Or with custom CLDR format strings:

<p>Date: {{ this.pub_date|dateformat('EEE, MMM d, ''yy') }}