Tag: Markdown


(*) Asterisks denote official plugins.

  • * markdown-admonition: Adds basic admonition tag support to Markdown.
  • * markdown-header-anchors: Lektor plugin that adds anchors and table of contents to markdown headers.
  • * markdown-highlighter: Lektor plugin that adds syntax highlighting for markdown blocks with Pygments.
  • ---
  • jinja-content: Render content fields with Jinja2.
  • markdown-excerpt: Adds filter for Markdown body excerpt.
  • nofollow: Easily create nofollow links in Markdown.
  • pythonmarkdown: Add pythonmarkdownn field type to Lektor to make use of python-markdown as a renderer.
  • read-full-post: Allows blog listing posts to be shortened with a link to the full post.
  • shortcodes: Allows you to use shortcodes (something like tags) in your model fields.

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