Plugin – lektor-markdown-header-anchors 0.3.1

Lektor plugin that adds anchors and table of contents to markdown headers.

Project Description


This plugin extends the markdown support in Lektor in a way that headlines are given anchors and a table of contents is collected.

Enabling the Plugin

To enable the plugin run this command:

$ lektor plugins add markdown-header-anchors

In Templates

Within templates it becomes possible to access the .toc property of markdown data. It's a list where each item has the following attributes:

  • anchor: the name of the anchor
  • title: the title of the headline as HTML
  • children: a list of headers below that header

Example rendering:

<h4>Table Of Contents</h4>
<ul class="toc">
{% for item in this.body.toc recursive %}
  <li><a href="#{{ item.anchor }}">{{ item.title }}</a>{%
   if item.children %}<ul>{{ loop(item.children) }}</ul>{% endif %}</li>
{% endfor %}