Plugin – lektor-markdown-admonition 0.3.1

Adds basic admonition tag support to Markdown.

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Version: 0.3.1

Author: Armin Ronacher


admonition, Markdown, markdown-config, and official

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Project Description


This plugin adds admonition tags to Markdown for Lektor. This feature is inspired by the extension in Python Markdown but simplified.

Enabling the Plugin

To enable the plugin run this command:

$ lektor plugins add markdown-admonition


A paragraph prefixed with exclamation marks is handled as admonition:

! a note

!! an informational message

!!! a tip to users

!!!! a warning

They are rendered as follows:

Markdown Prefix Rendered div
! <div class="admonition admonition-note">
!! <div class="admonition admonition-info">
!!! <div class="admonition admonition-tip">
!!!! <div class="admonition admonition-warning">