Page Order

Pages can generally have an order defined. This order comes from the configuration of children in the parent model or can be explicitly provided. This page guides you through all the different options you have.

Default Configuration

The most common way to get order into your pages is the configuration for children. This way an order can be defined that is used by default for any query involving the children of a page. So what can you order by? You can order by any field you want. For instance to order by the name of a page you can do this:

model = project
order_by = name

This will automatically order the .children query by the name of a project. You can define more than one ordering. For instance you could order blog posts by dates in decreasing order and secondarily by the blog title:

model = blog-post
order_by = -pub_date, title

A minus sign as prefix reverses the order.

Specific Order

But what to do if you want to order something specifically? In that case you can use the sort_key type and configure that:

model = doc-page
order_by = sort_key

Currently you need to explicitly give numbers in this field but future versions of Lektor will provide support for automatically reordering them in the admin panel.