lektor.imagetools.process_image (ctx, source_image, dst_filename, width=None, height=None, mode=ThumbnailMode.DEFAULT)

  • New in Lektor Version 2.0

This function takes a Context object, the absolute paths to the image's source and target files, the target image's width and/or height, and the operation mode. In the default mode, if width or height are None, they are calculated from the source image's dimensions so that the image is scaled proportionally.

Used internally for the implementation of thumbnail, and exposed as an API for image-processing plugins.


from lektor.build_programs import AttachmentBuildProgram
from lektor.context import get_ctx
from lektor.db import Image
from lektor.imagetools import process_image, ThumbnailMode
from lektor.pluginsystem import Plugin

class ImageCropBuildProgram(AttachmentBuildProgram):
    def build_artifact(self, artifact):
        ctx = get_ctx()
        width, height = 600, 400
        source_img = artifact.source_obj.attachment_filename

                      width, height, mode=ThumbnailMode.CROP)

class ImageCropPlugin(Plugin):
    def on_setup_env(self, **extra):
        self.env.add_build_program(Image, ImageCropBuildProgram)