value_from_raw (raw)

  • Method of Type
  • New in Lektor Version 2.0

This method needs to be implemented to perform the type conversion from the raw value from the content file into a value that Lektor can process in the database layer. This can be any Python type for as long as it makes sense. It must either return a valid value or a special value that indicates a bad value. For more information see the raw value information below and the example provided.


from lektor.types import Type

class LocationType(Type):
    widget = 'singleline-text'

    def value_from_raw(self, raw):
        if raw.value is None:
            return raw.missing_value('Location was not supplied')
            lng, lat = [float(x.strip()) for x in
        except (TypeError, ValueError):
            return raw.bad_value('Location was malformed')
        return (lng, lat)

def setup_env(self, **extra):

Raw Value

The value passed is a raw value type. It has a few properties and methods:

Attribute Description
name The name of the field
value The raw value as unicode string or None if missing
pad A reference to the pad
bad_value(rsn) Creates a value that indicates a bad value with a reason.
missing_value(rsn) Similar to bad_valuebut indicates an absent value.