Plugin – lektor-npm-support 0.1.4

Adds support for using npm/yarn to build assets in Lektor using tools such as Parcel, webpack, etc.

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Version: 0.1.4

Author: Baruch Sterin


Babel, before-build-all, Browserify, Node, npm, Parcel, Sass, server-spawn, server-stop, webpack, and Yarn

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lektor-npm-support makes it easy to use Parcel, webpack, browserify, or any other tool to build assets for Lektor projects.

Enabling the Plugin

To enable the plugin, run this command while inside your Lektor project directory:

lektor plugins add lektor-npm-support

Example: Creating a Parcel Project

Create a parcel/ folder and inside that folder create the following files:


This file instructs the plugin how to generate the assets:

npm = yarn
watch_script = watch
build_script = build
  • The section name [parcel] is the name of the folder where the Parcel project is located.
  • npm is the package manager command used to build the project. This example will use Yarn.
  • watch_script is the npm script used in lektor server -f npm,
  • build_script is the npm script used in lektor build -f npm.

This plugin supports more than one such entry.


This is a standard package.json file. It should contain two entries in the scripts section. The build script is used during lektor build -f npm, and the watch script is used during lektor server -f npm.

  "name": "my-parcel-project",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "scripts": {
    "watch": "NODE_ENV=development parcel --out-dir=../assets/static/gen --out-file=main.js --public-url=./assets/ main.js",
    "build": "NODE_ENV=production parcel build --out-dir=../assets/static/gen --out-file=main.js --public-url=./assets/ main.js"
  "private": true

Now we can use yarn add to add Parcel, Babel and Sass:

$ cd </path/to/your/lektor/project>/parcel
$ yarn add parcel-bundler babel-preset-env node-sass


Next up is a simple Babel config file, using the recommended env preset.

  "presets": ["env"]


A simple SCSS file.

body {
  border: 10px solid red;


A simple Javascript file that imports the SCSS file so that Parcel will know to include it as well.

import './main.scss';

Running the Server

Now you're ready to go. When you run lektor server nothing wil happen, instead you need to now run it as lektor server -f npm which will enable the Parcel build. Parcel will automatically build your files into assets/static/gen and this is where Lektor will then pick up the files. This is done so that you can ship the generated assets to others that might not have these tools, which simplifies using a Lektor website that use this plugin.

Manual Builds

To manually trigger a build that also invokes webpack you can use lektor build -f npm.

Including The Files

Now you need to include the files in your template. This will do it:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ '/static/gen/main.css'| asseturl }}">
<script type=text/javascript src="{{ '/static/gen/main.js'| asseturl }}" charset="utf-8"></script>

Complete Working Example

The examples folder of this repository contains working projects.


This plugin is based on the official lektor-webpack-support Lektor plugin by Armin Ronacher.