lektor server

The server command will launch a local server for development.

Lektor's development server will automatically build all files into pages similar to how the build command with the --watch switch works, but also at the same time serve up the website on a local HTTP server.


  • -h, --host TEXT: The network interface to bind to. The default is the loopback device, but by setting it to it becomes available on all network interfaces.
  • -p, --port INTEGER: The port to bind to.
  • -O, --output-path PATH: The dev server will build into the same folder as the build command by default.
  • -v, --verbose: Increases the verbosity of the logging.
  • -f, --build-flag TEXT: Defines an arbitrary build flag. These can be used by plugins to customize the build process. More information can be found in the documentation of affected plugins.
  • --help: print this help page.