This property returns the path to the file that holds the config for this plugin in the loaded project. This is by default in configs/<plugin-id>.ini. Plugins could override this in theory but it's not recommended. The primary use of this property is to track dependencies.

For a convenient way to load the config see get_config.


from lektor.pluginsystem import Plugin
from lektor.context import get_ctx

class MyPlugin(Plugin):

    def on_setup_env(self, **extra):
        color = self.get_config().get('color')
        def get_css(artifact_name='/static/demo.css'):
            ctx = get_ctx()
            @ctx.sub_artifact(artifact_name, sources=[
            def build_stylesheet(artifact):
                with'w') as f:
                    f.write('body { background: %s }\n' % color)
            return artifact_name
        self.env.jinja_env.globals['get_css'] = get_css