generator ()

This is very experimental API and used to register a function that can generate source objects relative to another one. This works in combination with urlresolver but handles the build-all part of the equation.

The registered function is invoked for each source after it was build. As such it's important to only return items if a virtual sub resource actually exists for a page.


from lektor.sourceobj import VirtualSourceObject
from lektor.db import Record
from lektor.utils import build_url

class Source(VirtualSourceObject):

    def path(self):
        return self.record.path + '@source'

    def url_path(self):
        return build_url([self.record.url_path, 'source.txt'])

def generate_source_file(node):
    if isinstance(node, Record) and not node.is_attachment:
        yield Source(node)