record_dependency (filename)

Because Lektor is a system that builds artifacts into static files, an important part of it is the dependency graph. It tracks dependencies between produced artifacts and source files to automatically determine which files need to be rebuilt when sources change.

As such it's crucial that plugins record dependencies properly or changes will not show up, even if sources change.

This can be achieved with the record_dependency context method. If a plugin references a file which can affect the output of the plugin, it's important to record this as a dependency.

Note that you should only track dependencies below the project folder. It is possible to depend on things outside of it, but the automatic watch system of the builder will not track files there so they will not show up unless a manual build is instructed.


import os
from lektor.pluginsystem import Plugin

class IncludeFilePlugin(Plugin):

    def setup_env(self, **extra):
        def include_file(filename):
            fn = os.path.join(self.env.root_path, 'inc', filename)
            with open(fn) as f:
        self.env.jinja_env.globals['include_file'] = include_file