Plugin – lektor-scss 1.5.0

Lektor plugin to compile css out of sass - based on libsass

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Version: 1.5.0

Author: L3D


before-build-all, HTML, Sass, SCSS, server-spawn, and server-stop

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Project Description

SCSS compiler for lektor

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SCSS compiler for Lektor that compiles css from sass.

How does it actually work?

  • It uses libsass
  • It looks for .scss and .sass files (ignores part files that begin with a underscore e.g. '_testfile.scss') and compiles them as part of the build process.
  • It only rebuilds the css when it's needed (file changed, a file it imports changed or the config changed).
  • When starting the the development server it watches the files for changes in the background and rebuilds them when needed.


You can install the plugin with Lektor's installer:

lektor plugins add lektor-scss

Or by hand, adding the plugin to the packages section in your lektorproject file:

lektor-scss = 1.5.0


To enable the plugin, pass the scss flag when starting the development server or when running a build:

# build and compile css from scss
lektor build -f scss

# edit site with new generated css
lektor server -f scss


It is highly recommended to use this plugin with a python3 version of lektor.

Since lektor can be used as a python module it is possible to enforce this (after lektor is installed eg. with pip3 install --user --upgrade lektor) with the following command:

# run a python3 lektor server with new generated css
python3 -m lektor server -f scss


The Plugin has the following settings you can adjust to your needs:

parameter default value description
source_dir assets/scss/ the directory in which the plugin searchs for sass files (subdirectories are included)
output_dir assets/css/ the directory the compiled css files get place at
output_style compressed coding style of the compiled result. choose one of: 'nested', 'expanded', 'compact', 'compressed'
source_comments False whether to add comments about source lines
precision 5 precision for numbers
include_paths If you want to include SASS libraries from a different directory, libsass's compile function has a parameter called include_paths to add those directories to the search path.
use_compile_flag True If True the flag '-scss' is needed. Otherwise not.

An example file with the default config can be found at configs/scss.ini. For every parameter that is not specified in the config file the default value is used by the plugin.


To test and/or develop on this plugin in your running lektor installation, simply place it in the packages/ Folder and have a look at the Lektor Doku