Lektor at Rails Girls Summer of Code 2016

by Armin Ronacher on Thursday, March 17, 2016

I'm happy to announce that Lektor is participating as a project in this year's Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSOC). Unlike what the name would suggest, RGSOC is open for all Open Source projects and not just Ruby.

The goal of RGSOC is to bring more women into programming. To quote the website:

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a global fellowship program aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source. Successful applicants are paid a monthly stipend, from July-September, to work on Open Source projects of their choice.

Lektor was accepted as a participating project. For more information about the project there refer to the project overview on RGSOC.

We want to make it as easy as possible to work on Lektor during the event which is why we will be very flexible with regards to which area interested developers want to work on.

If you are interested in working on Lektor you can reach out to us via Twitter at @getlektor or Gitter.