Plugin – lektor-scsscompile 1.3.0

SASS compiler for Lektor, thats based on libsass.

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Version: 1.3.0

Author: maxbachmann


before-build-all, libsass, minify, Sass, SCSS, server-spawn, and server-stop

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SCSS compiler for Lektor that automatically compiles sass.

Uses libsass and looks for .scss/.sass files (ignores part files that begin with a underscore e.g. '_testfile.scss'), compiling them as part of the build process. It only rebuilds when it's needed (file changed, a file it imports changed or the config changed). When starting the the development server it watchs the files for changes in the background and rebuilds them when needed.


You can install the plugin with Lektor's installer::

lektor plugins add lektor-scsscompile

Or by hand, adding the plugin to the packages section in your lektorproject file::

lektor-scsscompile = 1.3.0


To enable scsscompile, pass the scsscompile flag when starting the development server or when running a build::

lektor build -f scsscompile
lektor build -f scsscompile

The Plugin has the following settings you can adjust to your needs:

parameter default value description
source_dir asset_sources/scss/ the directory in which the plugin searchs for sass files (subdirectories are included)
output_dir assets/css/ the directory the compiled css files get place at
output_style compressed coding style of the compiled result. choose one of: 'nested', 'expanded', 'compact', 'compressed'
source_comments False whether to add comments about source lines
precision 5 precision for numbers
output_source_map False whether a source map should be generated

An example file with the default config can be found at configs/scsscompile.ini