Plugin – lektor-htmlmin 1.0.3

HTML minifier for Lektor. Based on htmlmin.

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Version: 1.0.3

Author: Jacopo Cascioli


after-build-all, HTML, htmlmin, and minify

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Project Description


HTML minifier for Lektor that automatically minifies generated .html files.

Uses `htmlmin <>`_ and looks for .html files,
minifying them as part of the build process.


You can install the plugin with Lektor's installer::

lektor plugins add lektor-htmlmin

Or by hand, adding the plugin to the packages section in your lektorproject file::

lektor-htmlmin = 1.0


To enable minification, pass the `htmlmin` flag when starting the development
server or when running a build::

lektor build -O my_build_folder -f htmlmin

When the flag is present, htmlmin will overwrite all HTML files in the output
directory with their minified counterparts.

*Note:* The htmlmin plugin currently minifies every file in the project after a build.
Not just files that have been changed. This should have no ill effects, but
might increase build times if there are many files to minify.

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