Plugin – lektor-gulp 0.3.2

A simple Lektor plugin for gulp

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Version: 0.3.2

Author: Maurizio Turatti


before-build-all, CSS, gulp, HTML, JavaScript, server-spawn, and server-stop

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Project Description


This plugin for `Lektor CMS`_ adds `gulp`_ support to projects. When
enabled with the ``-f gulp`` flag it runs ``npm install`` and then the
gulp ``default`` or ``watch`` tasks as they are defined into your own

The general documentation about Lektor plugins is `here`_.

lektor build

The command ``lektor build -f gulp`` runs the **``default``** gulp task,
for example defined as something like:

.. code::

gulp.task('build', ['clean', 'copy', 'js', 'css', 'imagemin'], () => { });
gulp.task('default', ['build'], () => { });

In the above example the ``default`` task points to a ``build`` task,
which is usually composed by several other gulp tasks, etc.

lektor server

The command ``lektor server -f gulp`` runs the Lektor embedded server on
http://localhost:5000, starting a gulp **``watch``** task in background.
For example, you can define something such as:

.. code::

gulp.task('watch', () => {'lib/js/**/*.js', ['js']);'lib/css/**/*.css', ['css']);

In the above example, each time one touches Javascript or CSS files in
the ``lib/`` folder then assets could be minified, concatenated and
copied into the standard ``assets/static/`` lektor folder, or whatever
is defined into your own ``gulpfile.js``.


This plugin is based on the official `Webpack plugin`_ with very little

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